VTF-3 MK5 HP Subwoofer

"the only sub on our list that netted five stars across the board"

Bob Ankosko, Sound & Vision.com, Dec 2014

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Top Pick Best Of Award 2015



The new VTF-3 MK5 HP sets a new standard for bang for the buck, with performance close to our flagship but at a significantly lower price point. Equiped with hybrid tuning, variable Q, sealed operating modes, it is equivalent to buying multiple subs, catering to virtually any audiophile’s preferences. Unlike most of it's competitors that either has a vinyl finish or industrial looking paint, the VTF-3 MK5 HP comes in an expensive custom satin black paint.

The MK5 HP features one heavily flared 4” round port and one heavily flared 3" round port. In two port open mode, it offers 50% more port area than our competitors with a single 4" port and double the crossectional area of our competitors with a single 3.5" port. A lot less port noise or port compression.

The MK5 HP uses the same woofer we use in our flagship - a 15" diecast frame woofer with double the magnet of the original 15H, multiple shorting rings and fiberglass reinforced cone.

VTF-3 MK5 HP Frequency Response - Ported (1 port open, 'EQ1')

Freq Response Curve with 1 Port Open, EQ1

VTF-3 MK5 HP Frequency Response - Ported (2 ports open, 'EQ2')

Freq Response Curve with 2 Port Open, EQ2

VTF-3 MK5 HP Frequency Response - Sealed ('EQ1')

Freq Response Curve with 2 Port Open, EQ2


CEA 2010 Measurements (1 Meter from woofer, Peak):

VTF-3 MK5 HP One Port Open:

Tone Burst Center Frequency (Hz) Maximum SPL CEA 2010 Rating
16 108.0  
20 114.4 118.7
25 119.1
31.5 122.6
40 126.1 126.1
50 126.5
63 125.8
80 125.4

VTF-3 MK5 HP Two Ports Open:

Tone Burst Center Frequency (Hz) Maximum SPL CEA 2010 Rating
16 106.8  
20 114.2 119.3
25 119.4
31.5 124.2
40 127.9 127.8
50 128.3
63 127.1
80 126.4


Industry Reviews

"Ever since its launch over five years ago, the Hsu Research VTF-3 mk5 remains one of the most consistently recommended subwoofers by audio enthusiasts and not without good reason. It offers both tremendous output as well as solid low-frequency extension down to 20Hz. But it is not just quantity of bass that is produced but very high-quality bass, so the sound is clean and linear with low-distortion as well as sharp with low group delay."

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James Larson, Audioholics, November 24, 2020


"I was hearing dynamic shadings in my low-frequency test recordings which I had never noticed before. The VTF-3 tracked bass instruments with a clear robust tone and uncanny accuracy. "

"The VTF-3 MK5 HP shows a quite formidable capacity to really deliver the band where the real power and force in music live. It does so with great transparency and no overhang or overtones I could detect. Micro and Macro Dynamics were outstanding. How a bass string was plucked or bowed was conveyed in great detail and the “slam factor” was considerable. The way this subwoofer was able to enhance a specific sense of the volume in a specific venue increased the soundstage’s size considerably in all directions. This bestowed greater drama to cavernous concert venues but served intimate ones quite nicely as well."

"On track after track, the contribution of the VTF-3 only elevated the scale and force of each piece of music in an organic and holistic manner. Grooves became more entraining and percussion gained a scary realism with precise image localization. Decays were as fast or slow as the real thing, the original, and the music’s sustain in particular had a power and correctness I’ve not heard before. Transients could be felt sharply throughout my body occasionally startling both me and my cats."

“Considering the cost relative to its competitors, the VTF-3 MK5 HP is pretty much a no brainer of a buy if one gives the slightest consideration of its truly endearing audiophile quality. I can only say in conclusion that I don’t think I could do without this sub, so I bought it!”

Hugh Mandeson, Audiophile Voice, Volume 17, No. 4


VTF-3 MK5 HP won the SECRETS Best Products of the Year for 2015 on "BEST SUBWOOFER UNDER $1000 AWARD"

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Secrets Best of Awards 2015, Dec 8 2015


"The performance of the Mk5 HP on subtle bass was at least as impressive as the performance during bigger bass moments."

"It would reproduce these incredibly loud, sometimes tortured-sounding bass events without the slightest hint that it was working hard."

"...not going to leave my theatre room."

"someone with a relatively modest budget can possess a subwoofer so good that it's literally reference quality"

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Doug Blackburn, Widescreen Review Issue 199, Sept 2015


"They consistently produce some of the best sounding subwoofers on the planet and get them into consumers' hands at a fraction of what it costs to own a competing sub."

"What do you get for $799 then? You get low-distortion deep bass that nearly rivals the performance qualities of just about any great subwoofer on the market. You get an extreme amount of flexibility to set up and tune the response to your room and your tastes. This sub can shake your room as well as any other 15" sub out there and it sounds really good in doing that. And don't forget that the VTF-3 MK5 HP is a very flexible unit - you can dial in the response for just about any system and it can be re-adjusted if you move rooms or add new components to the mix."

"The Hsu VTF-3 MK5 HP sub is recommended for any home cinema enthusiast who has a real-world budget and even those who could spend more but don't need to because the Hsu gives them everything they want."

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Jim Clements, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, Oct 12, 2015


"Put succinctly, this subwoofer is amazing. It wants for absolutely nothing and can hold its own with any product being sold for under a grand. When you consider all the tuning options, and realize the flexibility that affords, you quickly come to the conclusion it has few legitimate rivals. The HSU VTF-3 MK5 HP should be on your short list if both quality and quantity is what you're after. "

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Jim Wilson, Home Theater Shack, June 2015


"On to the Best Real World Gears award, with 'Real World' meaning gear that's not only highly affordable but a legit performer. Without question, this award goes to the incredibly gracious folks at HSU Research."

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Todd Anderson, Home Theater Shack (The "Best of" AXPONA 2015) , Apr 2015


"I’m giving both subs a Top Pick for their performance,..."

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David Vaughn, Sound and Vision, Feb/Mar 2015


Customer Testimonials


"After rerunning YPAO, I changed Dynamic Range to MAX and sub level from -2.5 db to 0 db on Yamaha AVR, and the results are incredible. I never heard/felt this kind of powerful distortion free bass in HT application. This sub is phenomenal and has lots of power!!!"



"I have had the VTF-3 MK5 for about month now, watched Oz the Great and Powerful last night and WOW. I sit about 10 feet from the sub and during the Tornado scene in the beginning it made the couch vibrate. This sub is awesome, it just keeps impressing me."



"It sounds absolutely amazing! I had no idea what I was missing all these years lol. Anyone who is currently sitting on the fence who can't decide, do it!"



Satin Black (Holiday Sale)


Product At a Glance

Amplifier Power (RMS) 2000 W Short Term, 600 W Continuous
Hybrid Tuning 18 Hz Ported, 22 Hz Ported or Sealed
Low End Extension (+/- 2 dB)

17 Hz (1 port open)

22 Hz (2 ports open)

Woofer Front Firing 15 Inch
Q Control Range 0.3 - 0.7
Crossover 30 - 90 Hz, Bypassable
Crossover Slope 24 dB/Oct
Phase 0°/180°
Inputs Line Level (2), Speaker Level (2)
Power Outlet Requirement 720 W, 120/240V
Enclosure Dimensions 24" H x 1714" W x 2112" D
Dimensions with Grill, Feet & Amp 25" H x 1714" W x 24" D
Weight 85 lbs
Warranty 7-years on Woofer, 2-years on Electronics
Designed and Engineered in the U.S.A.


Quick Set-Up
Owners Guide

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