HSU Research was born from a passion for bass that couldn't be contained. Dr. Poh Ser Hsu, armed with a PhD in engineering from MIT, had a dream to create the best subwoofers in the world. And he did just that.

Starting with a seven-foot-tall subwoofer made of recycled cardboard tubes, Dr. Hsu's experiment played bass notes so deep, they were beyond human hearing - down to 16 Hz. The sound was powerful, captivating, and could be felt in every corner of the room. And Dr. Hsu's neighbors couldn't resist coming over to hear it for themselves.

But the road to success wasn't easy. As a minority-owned small family business, HSU Research faced its fair share of challenges. But with grit and determination, Dr. Hsu and his family refused to give up on their dream.

Their hard work paid off when a review in Stereophile magazine sparked the first wave of customers. High-end audio enthusiasts couldn't believe the clean, effortless bass down to 16 Hz they were hearing from such affordable subwoofers. And soon, a passion and hobby turned into an industry-renowned product.

The secret to HSU Research's phenomenal technology lay not in the external design of their subwoofers, but in the expertly engineered and matched components inside. Unlike many other engineers who struggled to integrate all the parts of a subwoofer, Dr. Hsu had found a unique synthesis that set his work apart.

In the late '90s, Dr. Hsu shocked the world with his variable tuning technology (VTF), a subwoofer that could play either low or loud thanks to two large, closable openings called ports. Home theater enthusiasts loved the "maximum output" mode, which filled large rooms with musical, clean bass that blended seamlessly. Meanwhile, music aficionados appreciated the "maximum extension" mode, which offered pure deep bass.

Today, HSU Research's VTF series is more flexible than ever. It allows for sealed operating modes and even has a Q control for adjusting bass tightness to your taste.

HSU Research remains one of the original speaker and subwoofer companies to provide such high quality sound at affordable prices. But one thing hasn't changed - the passion and grit that started HSU Research still drives the company today.