VTF-15H MK2 DualDrive Package

You can never have too many subwoofers - having two 15H MK2 will give you lower distortion and higher headroom, and better long term reliability because each sub needs only 1/4 the power to play as loudly as a single 15H MK2.

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VTF-15H MK2 DualDrive Package

HSU Research is proud to introduce the VTF-15H MK2 DualDrive, an ultra low distortion subwoofer system that has up to four times the output of a single VTF-15H MK2 – enough output to crack windows and give you a physical massage. It will give you an airy, effortless bass with extreme dynamics.


Industry Reviews

"Audioholics Top AV Gear Guide for 2015: High End Value Pick: HSU VTF-15H MK2"

"If you don't mind a huge box and your goal is the most possible output and extension from an affordable sub, you would be hard pressed to beat the HSU VTF-15H MK2 sub. We reviewed the first version of the sub which did very well in our testing. HSU took it up a notch this year with a more powerful amplifier and higher excursion driver. This sub is one of the most affordable subs on the planet to earn the Audioholics Extreme Bassaholics rating. The hefty 15" driver with beefy 600 watt (continuous rated) amplifier and tunable modes also makes it the most flexible. Be warned this beast weighs a whopping 110lbs so it's no small feat to move. It will surely satisfy Granpda Simpson as he yells "turn it up" during the THX intro just before his dentures shatter."

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Audioholic online A/V Magazine 2015


"On to the Best Real World Gear award, with 'Real World' meaning gear that's not only highly affordable but a legit performer. Without question, this award goes to the incredibly gracious folks at HSU Research."

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Todd Anderson, Home Theater Shack (The "Best of" AXPONA 2015)


"I’m giving both subs a Top Pick for their performance, and I'm not letting the VTF-15H MK2 leave my home."

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David Vaughn, Sound and Vision, Feb/Mar 2015


"The VTF-15H MK2...is highly flexible and will win you over with its (literally) explosive performance. It delivers amazing bang for the buck and stands as the only sub on our list that netted five stars across the board."

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Bob Ankosko, Sound & Vision.com, December 2014


"I thought the VTF-15H delivered the most bang for the buck of any subwoofer on the market. Now the VTF-15H Mk2 delivers even more bang for about the same bucks."

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Brent Butterworth, About.com, December 2014


Customer Testimonials

"My hats off to the Dr. I'm not sure how but that new woofer is a lot tighter, more controlled and just plain hits harder compared to the mk1."

"Saying the mk2 is an upgrade over the mk1 is an understatement. It's like someone put two mk1 subs in a mk2 box.

Sure the numbers show a 3 or 4 dB increase, but the tightness of the bass, the extra headroom, the tactile feeling, and the mid bass punch make the mk2 about much more than just a 3 or 4dB increase. It wasn't just a decibel increase it was an increase across the board that makes this sub a huge upgrade over the mk1."



"Absolutely love my VTF-15H MK2. Coming up on a year now this Christmas. My great room has 18’ ceilings and the MK2 fills it up no problem."
Geno Milchak


"Today I played interstellar black hole scene between times of 2:18:00 to 2:19:00. Wow, my main floor was shaking even my volume was only -30db. The dishes in my main floor kitchen was shaking as well. Very impressive! so I think only one Hsu sub is good enough for me so far. I can sell my old sub now."


"Bass notes are so much more effortless now, a bit quicker, slightly less bloat. Not that the Mk1's were bloated sounding, just that the Mk2 is tighter and reproduces everything so much easier."
Ryan Dillin


"My vtfmk2 arrived today. Legairre, I must say that you were spot on. It does feel tighter, I believe it is because it has so much more output especially in the midbass that it is just ridiculous. It gives me more stress in movies because of how hard it hits. Great upgrade!"


"The new VTF-15 MK2 is absolutely incredible! It has made my system incredible! And, it is all black. Great job Dr. Hsu!"


Satin Black


Real Wood Veneer, Rosenut