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Experience the next level of home theater audio with the Hsu Research HC-1 MK2 center channel speaker. Proudly introducing our second generation HC-1, boasting a flatter frequency response, improved horn, and a more powerful Neodymium magnet for the tweeter. But that's not all - the HC-1 MK2 also features a premium real wood finish or custom black paint, with finishes of much higher quality than most of our competitors.

Efficient and high power handling, the HC-1MK2 provides effortless dynamics to handle high definition audio programs and home theater, delivering exceptional sound quality that will transport you to another world. The two 6 1/2-inch woofers feature excellent damping properties, reproducing upper-bass frequencies with utmost accuracy. This is in keeping with Dr. Hsu's tradition of designing transient-accurate subwoofers, ensuring seamless integration with any HSU Research subwoofer. The HC-1MK2 was designed specifically to work best in systems using subwoofers, creating a cohesive and immersive audio experience.

Sleek and stylish, the Hsu Research HC-1 MK2 is the perfect addition to any home theater setup. Upgrade your audio experience with the HC-1MK2 and enjoy crystal-clear sound, enhancing your movie and TV watching experience. Don't settle for less - choose the Hsu Research HC-1 MK2 for exceptional sound quality and premium design.

    HC-1 MK2 Speaker
    HC-1 MK2 Speaker
    HC-1 MK2 Speaker
    HC-1 MK2 Speaker
    HC-1 MK2 Speaker
    HC-1 MK2 Speaker
    HC-1 MK2 Speaker

    HB-1 & HC-1 Overview

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    How we distinguish our products from others

    What distinguishes HSU from the rest is that we are an engineering driven company. This is reflected in the quality of our products.

    It is common for other companies to focus on cosmetics and marketing gimmicks. They follow the marketing adage to "sell the sizzle, not the steak". HSU is different. We focus on pure audio engineering and on building a better mousetrap. We obsessively concentrate on product performance and reliability. Each HSU product is carefully engineered by Dr. Hsu to provide "high-end" sound in its specified room type. High-end means the best of the best. We hope you will agree.

    Attention to customers is another differentiator. Dr. Hsu, founder of HSU, consults privately with customers on a daily basis. This demonstrates his commitment to product quality and home integration. There are few companies who can make that claim.

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    If the shipment is rejected, or if the item is sent back to Hsu Research due to failed delivery, by no fault of Hsu Research, the customer will be responsible for shipping both ways.

    Hsu Research reserves the right to modify the 30-day tryout policy without notice.

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    Note that for no signature required:
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    We cannot modify the signature requirement after shipping. If you want to have the signature requirement removed, you would need to inform us, in the comment section, when you place the order.

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    For orders shipped outside of the contiguous United States, there will be an additional shipping and handling charge. Email sales@hsuresearch.com for a shipping quote.

    It is strongly recommended that you inspect the item as soon as it is delivered. If the item has arrived damaged, Hsu Research must be notified within 21 days of receiving the item.

    Do you offer local pickup options?

    Yes, we offer local pickups. If you would like this option over shipping, please give our office a call. It's important to note that for local pickup, you won't be able to pay using PayPal. But all other forms of payment are acceptable.

    Industry Reviews

    "After spending two weeks with this sub in my system, I can say with 100% confidence that it performs way past it’s modest price point... Will certainly be adding one more ULS-15 MK2 in the very near future since my room verges on being just large enough to require the extra headroom and efficiency that running dual subs offers.  Kudos to a company that offers great products at a very fair price without resorting to unnecessary hype!  These fine products perform superbly and speak for themselves."

    Dave, August 2017

    “Simply one of the best phantom centers I’ve ever heard."

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    Jay Luong, Audio Bacon

    "Every once in a while, I come across a product that performs at a level so far above its price point it is shocking. The HB-1 and HC-1 MK 2 speakers fall into that category. Simply put, I was amazed that a $150 bookshelf speaker and $239 center channel speaker could sound that good. Highly recommended!

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    Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

    "The Hsu system acquitted itself well, never once failing to keep pace with the most thunderous explosions. Budget systems aren’t supposed to be able to attain this kind of dynamic range and still maintain their composure? They do now."

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    Jeff Van Dyne, Home Theater Sound

    "I’ve heard many speakers costing several times the price of the HB-1 that don’t do nearly this well.... Very impressive.The Hsu Research surround system of HB-1 Mk.2, HC-1 Mk.2, and VTF-3 Mk.3 is outstanding by any measure. When you take into account the price, it becomes an astonishing value. The speakers look and sound like nothing I’ve previously encountered in this price bracket. More important, they breathed life into whatever I played through them, which is what it’s all about. Budget-conscious shoppers owe it to themselves to give this system a very close listen."

    Jeff Van Dyne, Home Theater Sound

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Northern Exposure

    Wonderful sound. I have CCB-8s in 5.1, my HB/HCs in Atmos, and even an old Ventriloquist system. All are phenomenal. I think my favorite is the MBM mid-bass module, though. One of the most unique and useful units I have ever owned.

    I don't need to go out for movies anymore :)

    We moved out to the country in the middle of the pandemic, and found an amazing house that has an upstairs bonus/rec room I'm slowly turning into an excellent theater space, driven by my VTF-3 Mk4, HB-1 Mk2s, and an HC-1. (12 foot ceiling at center, with ~50 degree angled walls, I was able to DIY myself a 170" screen. I really don't need to go out for movies anymore. :)

    Sonic majesty coming from my stereo right now

    I recently purchased a pair of the HB-1 MK2's and decided to get the HC-1 MK2 center speaker to match my audio field. I am thrilled at the sonic majesty coming from my stereo right now. Thank you hsu research for such amazing products.


    The speakers are amazing. The mid bass module is awesome.

    Love their neutrality, clarity and ability to play at terrifyingly high volumes while not irritat...

    I just bought an HC-1 and 2 HB-1 (MK2) speakers to go with my VTF3-MK4 and am awed by them! Apart from the incredible sound stage, I love their neutrality, clarity, and ability to play at terrifyingly high volumes while not irritating my ears at all.


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