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The new VTF-TN1 is our highest-performing subwoofer, designed for the ultimate home theater experience. With its exceptional capabilities, the VTF-TN1 stands as the pinnacle of performance in the HSU lineup.

  • Highest performing subwoofer that excels in output capability, especially in the deeper bass.
  • Classic variable tuning frequency (VTF) with dual 4” down-firing ports - hidden from the dogs, cats, and toddlers.
  • Perfect height acoustically, to use as a speaker stand.
  • Features balanced XLR, unbalanced RCA and high level inputs for greater flexibility.
    • Balanced XLR inputs protect against noise caused by RF interference, RMI, etc for usage in high-end audio and professional audio (studio, live sound environments).
  • Compared to other HSU subs:
    • Larger enclosure than the VTF-3 MK5 HP, so more efficient in the deeper bass
    • Larger ports at a lower tuning than the VTF-3 MK5 HP, so it not only plays louder and cleaner with sub 20 Hz bass (less port noise), but also plays lower
    • Plays significantly louder and cleaner than the VTF-2 MK5 across the board (like having two of the VTF-2 MK5’s put together) with low distortion.
    • Plays significantly louder and cleaner than the ULS-15 MK2 in the deeper bass (like having two ULS-15 MK2’s put together) with  low distortion.
    • Among the smallest footprint - similar to the ULS-15 MK2.
  • Replaces our previous flagship VTF-15H MK2:
    • Tuned to go even lower, with a flatter frequency response.
    • Less port noise and compression.
    • More affordable price.
    • Smaller footprint: won't fill up your living room, and more placement options for optimal sound.
    • Same internal volume.
  • Can also be laid on its side if preferred. Less deep than most sofas, makes a good end-table.
  • Furniture-grade smooth satin black painted finish. Unlike vinyl, used by many of our competitors.
  • 7 years woofer warranty and 5 year electronics warranty.
    VTF-TN1 Subwoofer
    VTF-TN1 Subwoofer
    VTF-TN1 Subwoofer
    VTF-TN1 Subwoofer
    VTF-TN1 Subwoofer
    VTF-TN1 Subwoofer
    VTF-TN1 Subwoofer
    VTF-TN1 Subwoofer
    VTF-TN1 Subwoofer
    VTF-TN1 Subwoofer
    VTF-TN1 Subwoofer

    More Product Details & FAQs

    More Product Specifications

    VTF-TN1 Frequency Response Curve - Ported (1 port open, EQ1)


    VTF-TN1 Frequency Response Curve - Ported (2 ports open, EQ2)


    VTF-TN1 Frequency Response - Sealed, EQ1

     VTF-TN1 Sealed

    CEA 2010 Measurements (1 Meter, Peak)

    * Subtract 9 dB for 2 meter, RMS measurement

    VTF-TN1 One Port Open:


    Two Ports Open:

    VTF-TN1 Pre-Order Processing & Shipment Information: 07/22

    Thank you for ordering our VTF-TN1! We appreciate your support and choosing our VTF-TN1 for your next subwoofer. See below for important information on what to expect in regards to processing and shipment:

    Given the amount of subs we will be shipping, we will be staggering our shipments over a period of time, in the order it is received, so that we do not overload our courier all at once. Order processing may take longer than the typical 1-2 days. If you have any questions in regards to when your particular order will ship, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to provide you an estimate.

    How we distinguish our products from others

    What distinguishes HSU from the rest is that we are an engineering driven company. This is reflected in the quality of our products.

    It is common for other companies to focus on cosmetics and marketing gimmicks. They follow the marketing adage to "sell the sizzle, not the steak". HSU is different. We focus on pure audio engineering and on building a better mousetrap. We obsessively concentrate on product performance and reliability. Each HSU product is carefully engineered by Dr. Hsu to provide "high-end" sound in its specified room type. High-end means the best of the best. We hope you will agree.

    Attention to customers is another differentiator. Dr. Hsu, founder of HSU, consults privately with customers on a daily basis. This demonstrates his commitment to product quality and home integration. There are few companies who can make that claim.

    30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

    If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you have 30 days from receiving the item to begin the return process. The customer is responsible for organizing return shipping and ensuring the safe transit of the product(s). We will refund the complete purchase price, minus any shipping charges, after our technicians review the return. The refund happens under four conditions: (1) all items must be in "like new" condition, (2) there must not be any missing items, (3) the product needs to be in transit back to Hsu Research within 30 of delivery (4) you must call us to receive an RMA number. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in the item being refused, or you may be charged a 15% restocking fee. In the event that the item(s) returned arrives damaged, the customer is responsible for filing any claims with their courier. Package Orders: In the event that you receive the unit(s) damaged, a replacement unit(s) will be shipped out at no cost to you. However, if you decide to return the entire package, you will be responsible for all shipping and handling charges both ways for all returned items and the same terms as stated above will apply.

    If the shipment is rejected, or if the item is sent back to Hsu Research due to failed delivery, by no fault of Hsu Research, the customer will be responsible for shipping both ways.

    Hsu Research reserves the right to modify the 30-day tryout policy without notice.

    Fast, insured FedEx Ground Shipping

    Products are normally shipped with low cost, insured, FedEx Ground with signature required to any destination in the lower 48 states. Due to the cost of the item, we do prefer to send with signature required. However, if the customer would rather send the item with no signature required, the customer can request that in the comment section.  

    Note that for no signature required:
    1) Once the package is delivered, Hsu Research no longer assumes responsibility for the package.
    2)  Due to the value of the package, it is ultimately up to the FedEx driver's discretion whether to require a signature or not.

    We cannot modify the signature requirement after shipping. If you want to have the signature requirement removed, you would need to inform us, in the comment section, when you place the order.

    Depending on the location, many items shipped can be held at a nearby FedEx Print & Ship Center. Please contact sales@hsuresearch.com or check the FedEx website to find the nearest location to you.

    Shipping times within the 48 states are typically 1-5 business days depending on the location. Note that shipping and delivery times are estimates only and are not guaranteed. Hsu Research is not responsible if the shipment is delayed. The day your order is shipped, your FedEx tracking number will be emailed. For online orders, we also update your tracking page with the tracking information. If you do not receive it, be sure to check your spam folder, as some emails tend to end up there. If you are unable to locate the tracking number, give us a call or send us an email at sales@hsuresearch.com and we will be happy to provide you with the tracking info.

    For orders shipped outside of the contiguous United States, there will be an additional shipping and handling charge. Email sales@hsuresearch.com for a shipping quote.

    It is strongly recommended that you inspect the item as soon as it is delivered. If the item has arrived damaged, Hsu Research must be notified within 21 days of receiving the item.

    Do you offer a local pickup option?

    Yes, we offer local pickups. If you would like this option over shipping, please give our office a call. It's important to note that for local pickup, you won't be able to pay using PayPal. But all other forms of payment are acceptable.

    VTF-TN1 Overview

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Craig Metz
    Deeply Awesome

    While at AXPONA, I briefly meet Dr. Hsu while he was demonstrating the VTF-TN1 subwoofer and was floored at the 16 Hz sound with one of the songs he was playing. The sound of this extraordinary subwoofer bounced around head until I got home. At which point, while trying to place an order, I found that the first batch was already sold out. That has got to tell you something. Everyone in the room that day was impressed and I guess had the same idea as I did. So my hand hovered over the keyboard when the second batch arrived and I ordered two. The rest sold out in 5 minutes. That has got to tell you something, again.

    So how do they sound? Nothing less than fantastic and that might be understating it. After setup, I tuned my Home Theater using ARC and then tweaked until my ears were content then pulled out the supplied HSU test disk and put my meter on the room. While I could not hear it, I felt it and the meter confirmed it, 12.5 Hz. The bass is deep, rich and blends perfectly with my system, I couldn't be more pleased. Just incredible!

    Also, the service and shipping side of the equation was equally superb and the team bent over backward to make sure everything arrived in a timely fashion. If, after this glowing treatise you still on the fence, well leap the barb wire and pull the purchase plug, you won't regret it IMHO.

    John Jannone
    Immediate Noise Complaints

    These slam and sound great in both the HT and music applications I've tested. Very impressed so far.

    Andy Kroska
    Super Sub!

    What a magical sounding subwoofer! Price to quality ratio, you cannot get any better! From the ultra low frequencies to the different porting options and amount of power this thing holds. Went and visited them personally before ordering and they were nice enough to show me the best way to set up my home theater for my personal preference's. Highly recommend…

    Greg W.
    Love it!

    Very powerful, excellent sound, and impeccable build quality. Can't recommend it enough.

    Jonathan G.
    Elevate your home theater

    I came from two Klipsch Sub-12's and was amazed at the difference in bass from this sub. If you want to take your viewing experience to the top level, then get two of these bad boys. You will not be disappointed with how deep they can dig, and fill the room with jaw dropping bass.

    The packaging and instructions were all clear and everything arrived in perfect condition. The finish on the cabinets is a very nice satin black, a refreshing change over the high gloss of some, or the plastic veneer of others. The footprint is a nice, compact square, compared to deeper competitor cabinets.

    I can't wait to have some more movie time to really enjoy what these can do.

    Great job Dr. Hsu!


    • Up to 7-Year Warranties

    • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

    • Personalized Customer & Tech Support

    • Eco-friendly Energy Consumption