Dr Hsu's Craft: Engineering High-Fidelity Bass for 30+ Years

Built By Audiophiles, For Audiophiles

I'd always loved high quality deep bass, but couldn't find what I wanted, even in high-end speaker systems. Motivated to build my own subwoofers that even budget sound enthusiasts could enjoy, I built my first subwoofer while studying at MIT in the '80s. I care a lot about my craft and it's my mission to share the gift of breathtaking sound with all of you!

Dr. Hsu

P.S. This is one of the first subwoofers I made out of recycled cardboard. I called it the a sono-tube and it was seven feet tall :)

Dr. Hsu Explains Each Subwoofer

  • VTF15 MK2 Subwoofer Intro Video

  • VTF2 Subwoofer Intro Video

  • VTF3 Subwoofer Intro Video

  • ULS-15 Intro Video

The VTF-15H MK2 is our flagship and highest-performing subwoofer designed for the ultimate home theater experience. With its exceptional capabilities, the VTF-15H MK2 stands as the pinnacle of performance in the HSU lineup.

Learn more about the VTF15

The VTF-2 MK5, the epitome of affordability and value in the renowned HSU lineup. This subwoofer is designed to cater to budget-conscious enthusiasts without compromising on quality or performance.

Learn more about the VTF2

The new VTF-3 MK5 HP sets a new standard for high-end performance at an affordable price point. It’s earned its reputation as one of the best value ported 15" subwoofers on the market.

Learn more about the VTF3

Introducing the ULS-15 MK2, the renowned musician's companion subwoofer that has garnered immense popularity in music recording studios and various other contexts.

Learn more about the ULS-15

What Experts & Our Customers Say

"There is no subwoofer that gives you the bang for the buck as HSU Research. Powerful, musical, easy to blend into a system. I have them in both of my studios and my clients love them too."

Alan Meyerson, score mixer for Top Gun, Dune, Dark Knight, Dunkirk, Avengers

Budget systems aren’t supposed to be able to attain this kind of dynamic range and still maintain their composure? They do now.

Colin Jemmott

HSU is the most overlooked brand in-home theater. I doubt I will ever buy a sub from any other brand.

Reddit User

I'm willing to bet you've never heard a speaker this size sound this good... the results achieved are incredible. Great products, great company, great value. What else is there to say?

Home Theater Shack

HSU subs are the bomb! If I am in the market for a sub, I am buying HSU again. Especially for the money, I don’t think any sub can touch it.


The company's reputation of
delivering subwoofers with the most "bang for the buck" is legendary in the world of Consumer Electronics.

Widescreen Review

There is no subwoofer products that definitive technology makes that I would take over anything that HSU makes.

Reddit User

Love [HSU Subs]. Have one I'm listening to right now. :) GORGEOUS, big, powerful. Easy to set up.


I have had numerous people from all walks of life over to EXPERIENCE the sound that my home theater is now capable of producing and I have heard time and time again from them that I HAVE NEVER HEARD ANYTHING LIKE THAT BEFORE.


Went from no sub to a Hsu MK5 VTF-3. I went from walking to work to riding a Lamborghini.

Reddit User

The HB-1 MK2's soundstage is stunning and better in my room than even my reference Bowers & Wilkins.

Home Theater Review

The amount of value you’re getting cannot be understated. The HSU Research CCB-8s are dynamic monsters and image better than some much pricier speakers I’ve heard.

Audio Bacon

I am not sure why your bookshelves are so much more musical than many of the other speakers on the market today. And to think that some of these speakers are over 80 times the price of yours!


The VTF-15H delivered the most bang for the buck of any subwoofer on the market.



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