ULS-15 MK2 DualDrive Packages

When you have two subs, you quadruple the bass output - power doubles and efficiency doubles. If you have a large space or like it loud, the dual drive is the solution.


ULS-15 MK2 DualDrive Package

HSU Research is proud to introduce the ULS-15 MK2 DualDrive has up to four times the output of a single ULS-15 MK2. Besides outstanding performance, it is the most spouse friendly subwoofer system we've ever offered beautiful expensive finishes - real wood finish or custom satin black paint, and compact size.

For the truly high end folks, you can also run balanced signal to the subwoofers. The ultra low distortion, super deep bass extension, balanced inputs and ultra high output of the DualDrive make it ideally suitable for recording studios.

The ULS-15 MK2 DualDrive is two ULS-15 MK2s, at a bargain price. When you have two, you get up to 6 dB (4 times) more output than a single ULS-15 MK2. It is like having a much larger sub but easier to ship and move around, with unparalleled placement flexibility.



Industry Reviews

"It brought weight and power to the double bass without any sense of exaggeration. The ULS-15 mk2 effortlessly nailed the transient nature of the performance; the sharp pluck attacks of the double bass and the acute starts and stops from the slaps."

"The ULS-15 mk2 convincingly relayed the sharp thuds of bullet strikes, the rumble of distant explosions, and the subterranean pounding of outside bombardment within a cave network. Thunderous battle sequences were brought to life by the ULS-15 mk2, and I didn’t get the sense at all that these scenes were being hindered by the dynamic range of the subwoofer."

"Overall, the ULS-15 mk2 is a major improvement over the mk1, despite costing much less. It has muchmore composure at very deep frequencies and far more headroom at higher frequencies.[…] The mk2 slightly improved on all of its strengths and massively improved on its weaknesses."

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James Larson, Audioholics, August 31, 2016


"For anyone who cares equally about music and movie performance, the ULS-15 MKII is an excellent choice. So much so that I purchased my review sample."

"To my ears, the Hsu ULS-15 MKII is just about everything you could want in a subwoofer."

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Tyler Stripko, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, July 6, 2016


"Taken as a whole, the HSU Research ULS-15 MK2 may be the best value going in the 15" subwoofer market. At less than $850 shipped it represents an amazing bargain, yet it's not just the low price that makes it stand out. This subwoofer was executed to near perfection by HSU; from its appearance to the obvious attention to detail - and of course the magnificent sound quality - they nailed every aspect."

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Jim Wilson, Home Theater Shack, Dec 2015


"adds a whole new level of visceral experience to the viewing"

"handles delicate passages or those demanding speed and accuracy with ease. Bottom line, it really works in my system and is fit company for the likes of Von Schweikert, LampizatOr, and Mark Levinson equipment whether playing music or presenting action movies. Therefore, I am heartily recommending it and buying my review sample."

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Juan C. Ayllon, Ayllon Media, Oct 2015


Customer Testimonials

"...after some tweakings and coming from two SB 2000 and twoV1500 .  I am ow really happy and satisfied with my new set up.  The ULS -15 mk 2 are beautiful, sound great and are a lot more powerful that what I had before.  Whatever for movies or music, this is the subs to get for the money."
Daniel Dion, Canada, June 2017


"Just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying the ULS 15 MK II. I have the sub hooked up to a system with Altec 19 speakers.  At 100db efficiency, I was looking for a sub that would be able to keep up.  The sub has no problem keeping up with my speakers and the bass blends seamlessly with them.  I cannot tell the difference in tonality or musicality in the speakers vs the sub and it is simply amazing. The Altecs are known for extremely low distortion, and the sub matches perfectly."


"Excellent review. Ordered the mk2 yesterday. Have been studying subs for about 2 weeks and found that HSU is clearly the winner, by far. I am a newbie at ID, and have never purchased any speaker unless I heard it first. Rocked the JBL L166 back in 1976 in college, wish I still had them."
Jim Quinn


Satin Black


Real Wood Veneer, Rosenut