Hybrid 15 with CCB-8 Speaker Packages

Our top of the line package, it includes our awarding winning VTF-15H MK2 and our newest point source book-shelves, the CCB-8s for the best listening experience you can ever have. Transparent, holographic fatigue-free mids and highs and effortless, dynamic airy tight bass, you have it all.

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Hybrid 15 - 2.1 Package with CCB-8


Hybrid 15 - 3.1 Package with CCB-8


Hybrid 15 - 5.1 Package with CCB-8


Hybrid 15 - 7.1 Package with CCB-8


Industry Reviews

"Audioholics Top AV Gear Guide for 2015: High End Value Pick: HSU VTF-15H MK2"

"If you don't mind a huge box and your goal is the most possible output and extension from an affordable sub, you would be hard pressed to beat the HSU VTF-15H MK2 sub. We reviewed the first version of the sub which did very well in our testing. HSU took it up a notch this year with a more powerful amplifier and higher excursion driver. This sub is one of the most affordable subs on the planet to earn the Audioholics Extreme Bassaholics rating. The hefty 15" driver with beefy 600 watt (continuous rated) amplifier and tunable modes also makes it the most flexible. Be warned this beast weighs a whopping 110lbs so it's no small feat to move. It will surely satisfy Granpda Simpson as he yells "turn it up" during the THX intro just before his dentures shatter."

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Audioholic online A/V Magazine 2015


"On to the Best Real World Gears award, with 'Real World' meaning gear that's not only highly affordable but a legit performer. Without question, this award goes to the incredibly gracious folks at HSU Research."

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Todd Anderson, Home Theater Shack (The "Best of" AXPONA 2015) , Apr 2015


"I’m giving both subs a Top Pick for their performance, and I'm not letting the VTF-15H MK2 leave my home."

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David Vaughn, Sound and Vision, Feb/Mar 2015


"The VTF-15H MK2...is highly flexible and will win you over with its (literally) explosive performance. It delivers amazing bang for the buck and stands as the only sub on our list that netted five stars across the board."

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Bob Ankosko, Sound & Vision.com, December 2014


Hybrid 15-2.1 Package CCB-8 in Satin Black with Black Cone


Hybrid 15-3.1 Package CCB-8 in Satin Black with Black Cone


Hybrid 15-5.1 Package CCB-8 in Satin Black with Black Cone


Hybrid 15-7.1 Package CCB-8 in Satin Black with Black Cone