ULS-15 MK2 DualDrive Packages

When you have two subs, you quadruple the bass output - power doubles and efficiency doubles. If you have a large space or like it loud, the dual drive is the solution.


ULS-15 MK2 DualDrive Package

HSU Research is proud to introduce the ULS-15 MK2 DualDrive has up to four times the output of a single ULS-15 MK2. Besides outstanding performance, it is the most spouse friendly subwoofer system we've ever offered beautiful expensive finishes - real wood finish or custom satin black paint, and compact size.

For the truly high end folks, you can also run balanced signal to the subwoofers. The ultra low distortion, super deep bass extension, balanced inputs and ultra high output of the DualDrive make it ideally suitable for recording studios.

The ULS-15 MK2 DualDrive is two ULS-15 MK2s, at a bargain price. When you have two, you get up to 6 dB (4 times) more output than a single ULS-15 MK2. It is like having a much larger sub but easier to ship and move around, with unparalleled placement flexibility.



Industry Reviews

"adds a whole new level of visceral experience to the viewing"

"handles delicate passages or those demanding speed and accuracy with ease. Bottom line, it really works in my system and is fit company for the likes of Von Schweikert, LampizatOr, and Mark Levinson equipment whether playing music or presenting action movies. Therefore, I am heartily recommending it and buying my review sample."

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Juan C. Ayllon, Ayllon Media, Oct 2015


Satin Black


Real Wood Veneer, Rosenut