ASW-1203 Car Subwoofer

High Output and High Sound Quality

The ASW-1203 is a rugged 12 inch car subwoofer that works enclosures as small as .5 cu. ft. The ASW-1203 is more potent than our previous version, the ASW-1201. The Xmax measurement is now greatly increased to plus or minus 18 mm, or about 1.5 inches peak to peak, with a 400 Watts RMS power handling. Add to that quick transients, and you have a subwoofer geared towards sound quality as well as blasting bass.

Features include:

  • Rugged butyl-rubber surround for extended life over foam surrounds and high stability during peak excursion.
  • Four layer voice coil.
  • Convex dust cap.
  • Rugged steel basket.
  • Strong, progressive roll poly-cotton spider that has 10 times the life of standard cotton spiders.
  • Carefully chosen lead wires are fatigue resistant under high excursions.
  • Vented bumped back plate to prevent bottoming and improve cooling.
  • Large, double stack magnet assembly.

ASW-1203 At a Glance

Recommended Amplifier Power
100-400 Watts
Continuous RMS Power Rating
400 Watts
Mounting Depth
7 Inches
Mounting Hold Diameter
11 Inches
Recommended Sealed Box Size
.5 to 1.6 cu.ft..
4 Ohms
25 Hz
17 Lbs
1 year

For Owners

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